Friday, February 25, 2011

Christianity is eschatology

"In actual fact...eschatology means the doctrine of the Christian hope, which embraces both the object hoped for and also the hope inspired by it. From first to last, and not merely in the epilogue, Christianity is eschatology, is hope, forward looking and forward moving, and therefore also revolutionizing and transforming the present. The eschatological is not one element of Christianity but it is the medium of Christian faith as such, the key in which everything in it is set, the glow that suffuses everything here in the dawn of an expected new day. For Christian faith lives from the raising of the crucified Chris, and strains after the promises of the universal future of Christ. Eschatology is the passionate suffering and passionate longing kindled by the Messiah. Hence eschatology cannot really be only a part of the Christian doctrine. Rather eschatological outlook is characteristic of all Christian proclamation, of every Christian existence, and the whole Church." -Jurgen Moltmann, Theology of Hope (p.2).

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