Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moderate Muslims and Violence in Sacred Texts

Were moderate Muslims silent after the 9/11 attacks? Nope. Not even close. Take a look at this database cataloguing specific individuals and groups of moderate Muslims who have publicly spoken out against the 9/11 attacks. Click on the many links to read extensive statements from news/journal sources and websites. It's time to get behind our moderate Muslim sisters and brothers in support. I have known good Muslims in recent years that truly don't deserve the treatment they receive from religiously ill-informed, prejudiced, Islamophobic Americans. Our country can do so much better than this. Christians, especially, can do better than this:

My intentions here are only to encourage understanding and awareness. Too many news/media outlets - with Fox News at the top - have shallow, Hollywood motives to provoke fear amongst the American people because it's how they win the most viewers. As a result, Muslims are truly feared, shunned, stereotyped, and even hated by millions of Americans. Religious freedom is being lost as a result. Meanwhile, the Quran is demonized, verses are taken out of context to show how supposedly dangerous Islam is, and meanwhile the American public (with people like Franklin Graham on the frontline) gives their own sacred Christian Bible the time to sensitively interpret the passages where God demands people rape women, murder babies, and commit all-out genocide. Do we not owe Muslims the same opportunity to sensitively interpret their book in places where there seems to be violence and intolerance? My own opinion is that both books (and most especially the Christian and Jewish Bible) contain inexcusable moments of violence that provides revelation by way of negative example. On the other hand, many Christians and Muslims have interpretations of the Bible and Quran that tries to explain the sacred violence in more reasonable ways. My point is this: just because there is violence in a sacred text does not immediately invalidate that religion as inherently dangerous. We all interpret, the challenge is to interpret well, and moderate Muslims can do this with the Quran as well as Christians and Jews can with the Hebrew and Christian Bible.

Take a quick look at this great blog post about this important issue:

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