Sunday, December 20, 2009

Transforming Christian Theology

I just finished Philip Clayton's important new book Transforming Christian Theology, and it's a must read for all who are concerned about the future of the Christian church. The book itself reads easy and is meant for non-specialists like pastors and even laypersons. Clayton offers a blueprint, in my opinion, for the way-forward for progressive Christianity, including the Emergent Church and the struggling Mainline church. This is not your book of theological answers, but rather a book to help the progressive Christian community develop their theology in the most productive manner. He emphasizes the need for the Christian Church to present transformative statements of belief that are sensitive to the challenges of pluralism, post-modernity, and the advances in science. Buy this book, read it, discuss it, and apply it. It's that simple. Philip intends to make theologians out of all of us, in the most practical sense of things. Taking theology out of the ivory towers of the academy and putting it into the hands of individuals. Exciting stuff!!!

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